Our Perfect Family

We’re just an awesome family living life and have fun doing it.  I’m Erika (Mom), my husband is Gary (Dad), and we have four kids from ages 5 to 16.  Our oldest is Gabby The Sweet, second is Autumn The Quiet, third is Raquel The Riot, and last but not least is Gary The Boy.  (I’m calling him that because after having three girls, he is such a boy!)

This blog isn’t about what to do or not do to be perfect like us.  Because let’s face it, your family will never be as perfect as our family.  We do everything right the first time.  We’ve never made any mistakes.  All of our kids were planned pregnancies.  I’ve never had a pimple.  We’re rich.  We live in our dream home.  Oh yeah, and we never eat junk food.

So, yeah.  Hopefully by now you’ve realized I’m joking.  If not then I guess you won’t get my sarcastic humor but might still enjoy reading about my perfect family anyway.

Seriously though,  my goal of this blog is to provide tips and tricks for everything from raising kids to gardening to recipes and diy crafts in a fun and (hopefully) entertaining way.


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